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BVIUK Presents: 3rd Expert Summit: Standards and Education (Webinar Replay)

Watch the recording of our exciting biannual event, where the brightest minds in global business valuation industry discuss the most topical issues. The event is attended by the majority of BVIUK esteemed Expert Members, joined by everyone passionate about elevating the standards of the UK valuation scene.

Facilitators for 3rd Virtual Expert Summit: Graham Antrobus (BVIUK, Bruce Sutherland & Co.) and David Foster (BVIUK, Business Valuation Resources)


1. Impact of International Valuation Standards (IVS) Adoption on Valuation Practices

2. Challenges and Opportunities in Implementing country - specific Valuation Standards

3. Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice. How can BV practitioners and BV academics work together for a common purpose?

4. Business Valuation Accreditation Programmes in the UK: Present and Future Trends

Featured Speakers:

Jim Alerding, Drew Dorweiler, Hafiz Imtiaz, Mike Blake, Mark Zyla, Carla Nunes, Ascanio Salvidio, Wojciech Krynski, Ashok Abbott, Joshua Shilts, Chris Mercer, Graham Antrobus, Sandra Mossios, William Thomsen, Dermot O'Neill, David Foster, and more.

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