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BVIUK Professional Members

BVIUK Professional Members are highly skilled valuation practitioners, academics, students, and enthusiasts in the field. They are proud to support BVIUK's mission to advance the business valuation profession in the UK and globally. Our Professional Members benefit from 12-months free access to all BVIUK virtual resources including valuation classes, expert workshops, webinars, expert summits, articles, and recordings, as well as receive discounted price to our on-site events. 

Get BVIUK Professional Membership today and join our rapidly growing community, supporting our efforts in raising valuation awareness and standards of practice. 

BVIUK Professional Members Register

Magdalena Antrobus
David Young
Sunil Bhandari
Graham Antrobus
Maksim Bassinspiler
Awaiting Link
Ed Tahsin
Tanya Craft
Beatriz Villate
Awaiting Link
Rod Mason
Lewis Clarke
Shan Kennedy
Jace Culp
Dhara Shah
P.Dermot O'Neill
Luke Summerscale
Ascanio Salvidio
Vince Osbourne
Awaiting Link
Stuart Gilham
Jasreen Arora
Iain Potter
Tanja Marelja
John Murray
Hafiz Imtiaz Ahmad
Maddy Skerrett
Ben Macnaghten
John Jones
Farooq Mann
Michal Pik
Martin Adams
David Foster
Stefano Formisano
Bruce Wood
Mark Murray
Simon Glover
Amira Marshall
Tania Fitzgerald
Mateusz Kawka
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