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Certificates of Participation in business valuation educational workshop are available upon request to the attendees.

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Our Team is constantly working on bringing you the best business valuation content. Meet some of our high-profile Experts, who will be sharing their knowledge and skills with BVIUK Members.

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Dermot O'Neill                       13th June 2024                 Appraisal Review: It’s About the Process, Not the                                                                                                        Numbers
Nene Glenn Gianfala
and Carla Nunes                  27th June 2024                  ESG Factors in Valuations - Latest Updates

July, August - no workshops (Summer break)

Upasak Shah                         19th September 2024    Option Pricing Model

Greg Endicott                         9th October 2024             How Is Ai Changing Valuations?

Wojciech Krynski                   24th October 2024         Evaluating the Fallout: Central European                                                                                                                         Business Valuations in the Wake of the Ukraine                                                                                                           War 

Drew Dorweiler                        8th January 2025          Turning Trophies Into Treasure:  Valuing                                                                                                                          Professional Sports Franchises
All BVIUK Workshops are free to attend for BVIUK Members.
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