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Classifications of Membership*


*Membership types are separate from one another, may not be transferred, and dues are non-refundable.




BVIUK has established the following classifications of individual membership:


1. EXPERT MEMBERSHIP may be granted to those individuals, who have demonstrated their expertise through their professional practice and contributions to the BVIUK Resources - a collection of information, tools and knowledge related to business valuation. The Expert Membership Network includes the world’s top-class practitioners, who are actively and regularly involved in expanding BVIUK’s Resources, including offering talks, webinars, interviews, writing articles, as well as the leaders of accredited VPOs and other professional bodies, who partner with BVIUK on our strategic projects.


BVIUK Expert Members enjoy all the benefits of BVIUK Professional Membership, as well as enhanced visibility through BVIUK’s social media channels, special features in BVIUK’s Monthly Newsletter, exclusive networking opportunities, and access to BVIUK’s Expert Events.


Joining BVIUK Expert Membership is based on personal invitation from the CEO. It is free of charge and does not involve an annual fee, however, Expert Members are expected to remain actively involved in BVIUK’s activities and contribute to BVIUK’s Resources on a regular basis throughout the year.





2. ACCREDITED VALUATION INSTITUTE ANALYST (AVIA) MEMBERSHIP may be granted to those individuals, who have acquired either through the BVIUK's Credentialing Programme, or through BVIUK's Professional Credential Transfer, the designation of Accredited Valuation Institute Analyst (AVIA).


2.1. For the information about acquiring AVIA through BVIUK's Credentialing Programme, please click here.


2.2. The AVIA designation may be granted through BVIUK's Professional Credential transfer to those individuals who have already acquired one or more of the following BV credentials: AM (ASA), ASA, CBV, CFA, CVA (NACVA). To receive the AVIA designation through BVIUK's Professional Credential Transfer, please fill out the form below and attach the relevant official document confirming  your credential. 






BVIUK AVIA Membership includes all the benefits of Professional Membership, as well as entitling the Member to use the AVIA (Accredited Valuation Institute Analyst) professional credential designation after their name. BVIUK AVIA Membership incurs an annual fee of £250.00







Please note, that any Expert Members, who obtain AVIA credentials (either by BVIUK's Professional Credential Transfer, or via the BVIUK's Certification Programme) will be subjected to the same annual fee as other AVIA Members (£250.00 per annum).








3. BVIUK PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP may be granted to those BV professionals, who may not qualify for or do not desire or intend to pursue AVIA certification. However, they recognise the value of Membership and ideals of the BVIUK and, as such, wish to show their support by joining. Professional members enjoy the benefits of free access to BVIUK Resources (including online workshops, video recordings, and blog articles) for the period of 12 months, as well as discounted (early-bird level) rates to BVIUK on-site events, including BVIUK Conferences and Workshops.


However, Professional Members are not permitted to use the BVIUK AVIA designation.

BVIUK Professional Membership incurs an annual fee of £175.00




All individuals who become members of BVIUK must comply with BVIUK’s Professional Standards, regardless of their certification status.

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