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BVIUK Presents: 2nd Expert Summit 26th October 2023 (Recording)

Welcome to the second edition of BVIUK Expert Summit.

Tune in to some of the best Business Valuers under one virtual roof, sharing their views on the most important issues in the current BV industry.

Featuring: David Foster, Mike Blake, Josh Shilts, Carla Nunes, Hafiz Imtiaz, Jim Alerding, Dennis Webb, Chris Mercer, Ascanio Salvidio, William Thomsen, Theresa Zeidler, Nene Gianfala, Mark Zyla, Roger Loh, among many other well-recognised BV professionals.

Tune in and listen to their discussion on Inflation, Valuation of Start-ups, Litigation, and Frequent Biases, among other topics.

Get the fantastic networking atmosphere, and learn from the best Experts in the field.

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