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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am looking for a reliable business valuation service. Can you recommend a specialist?
    As an Institute, we focus on developing educational resources and knowledge toolkits in the area of Business Valuation. An integral part of our mission is to build a solid and reliable network of business valuation experts globally. Contact us with your query, and we will do our best to connect you with a business valuer for a non-obligation chat.
  • I am a business valuer. How can I join BVIUK Network?
    BVIUK is committed to work with experts, students, and enthusiasts in all areas of business valuation, in an aim to develop and enrich the BV world globally. The easiest way to connect with us is to become a BVIUK Member and benefit from free or discounted access to our resources, including our webinars, articles, interviews, book reviews, our social meetings, and the BVIUK Annual Conference. If you are a BV Expert and enjoy a successful BV career, please consider contributing to our Resources by writing an article, giving us an interview, or offering a webinar to our members and followers. Get in touch to learn more about the various possible ways of working with us.
  • I am interested in business valuation, but I don't have any relevant credentials. Can I still gain access to your resources, including webinars?
    One of BVIUK core values is passion. Without passion, there is no real progress in any area, including business valuation. We are committed to staying open to everyone who is passionate about BV, including practice experts, academics, students, associates, and hobbyists. Whether you are a BV student, or simply a curious individual, we are happy to share our resources in an attempt to make the BV world more connected and accessible to everyone. Take a look at our Membership page, check which package is most suitable to your needs, and - welcome onboard the most exciting BV platform in the UK!
  • I am an academic, working in the field of business valuation. Can I contribute a research article to your blog?
    We welcome BV academics to join our Network and to contribute to our Resources. The articles suitable for publication should be of high quality and addressing the well-informed, wider BV community, rather than exclusively other academics. If you'd like to contribute an article, take a look at our Editorial Guidelines and e-mail for more information.
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