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Welcome note from the CEO

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

A very warm welcome to Business Valuation Institute UK and our brand new online platform.

Dr Magdalena Antrobus, BVIUK
Dr Magdalena Antrobus, CEO of BVIUK

1 January 2023 marks the start of the brand new Business Valuation Institute UK (BVIUK) - and a really important time for the Business Valuation industry across the country. With the dynamic development of BV services globally, we have a huge opportunity to progress the profession on a national level.

“It's a great opportunity for us, because the BV profession in the UK needs more than ever to move to more globally informed and resourceful services. More and more businesses require complex and specialised valuations, and qualified experts in the field are needed to do the job accurately.”

So BV services are needed - provided that we keep learning, innovating, and improving the quality of our work to enable us to deliver these services as professionally as possible. From talking to you, we know that a lot of you are keen to learn, to innovate, and work effectively with our North American and European partners to get the best for your clients. That's exactly what we need to do in order to be successful. Alongside the innovation, we want to stay true to our British professional values, making sure that the services we provide are ones we would be happy for our own businesses to receive.

We couldn't do it without you

Thank you for your support and valuable input during the long weeks of brain-storming discussions, which have got us to this point. We admit that the journey has not always been easy and new projects always throw up challenges. But we believe that by working together we are already demonstrating some of the values you told us were important to our profession.

Last but not least, please watch out for our future blog posts, where the focus will be on innovating, inviting, intriguing, and inspiring you. With hundreds of Followers of our LinkedIn page, and more subscribers to our website, don't miss the chance to use it to let everyone know what's happening in your business. Consider contributing to our blog in return to get listed on our BVIUKNetwork Page. We look forward to meeting many more of you over the coming months.

Magdalena Antrobus, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

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