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Valuation Visions: Unveiling the Future Landscape of Business Worth: BVIUK 1-Day Conference (Video)

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Immerse yourself in the ultimate business valuation experience at the exclusive 1-day BVIUK Conference, where only 35 tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. This groundbreaking event is the first of its kind in the UK, themed "Valuation Visions: Unveiling the Future Landscape of Business Worth."

Prepare to be captivated as industry leaders delve into emerging methodologies, intangible asset assessment, and the valuation implications of data-driven enterprises, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of future valuations.

The conference agenda is packed with engaging sessions led by esteemed experts and thought leaders. It kicks off promptly at 10 am with a welcome speech from BVIUK President Sandra Mossios of EY, setting the stage for an enlightening day of exploration.

At 10:15 am, Andrew Strickland, a BVIUK Advisory Board Member and Consultant from Scrutton Bland, takes the stage to discuss "What are growth shares and how should they be valued?" This session examines valuation methods suggested by International Valuation Standards and reviews the exposure draft on the valuation of growth shares for tax purposes.

After a short break, at 11:15 am, Mike Blake (CFA, ASA, ABAR, BCA), Managing Director of Brady Ware Arpeggio and BVIUK Advisory Board Member, presents "Techniques for Valuing Data Sets." Attendees will gain insights into the increasing importance and financial value of data as a commercial asset. Blake will walk through data valuation methodologies, providing analytical points to distinguish the relative values of different data sets. This session will empower participants to offer enhanced expertise to their clients and gain a competitive edge in the evolving landscape of data valuation.

Following a stimulating morning, attendees will enjoy a lunch break from 12:15 pm to 1:00 pm, providing an opportunity to network with fellow professionals and engage in meaningful conversations. A light lunch (a selection of sandwiches, snacks, and soft drinks will be served).

At 1:00 pm, Graham Antrobus (FCA, CTA, CBV, AM, ABV, AVIA) of Bruce Sutherland & Company and BVIUK's Head of Education Development, takes the stage to explore "The Business Valuation Credentialing Landscape in the UK." Antrobus will provide a comprehensive overview of the current options available for business valuation professional training in the UK, shedding light on the interrelations between BVIUK, the International Institute of Business Valuers (iiBV), and the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). Additionally, he will discuss emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities that will shape the future of the business valuation profession in the UK.

At 2:00 pm, David Foster, the CEO of Business Valuation Resources (BVR) and BVIUK's Advisory Board Member, delivers a talk on "Current Themes in Business Valuation." In this engaging session, he will discuss the latest trends and developments in the field of business valuation, offering valuable insights to the audience. Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of business valuation, including emerging methodologies, regulatory updates, and industry best practices. Foster's expertise and knowledge will provide a comprehensive overview of the key themes shaping the field of business valuation today.

The conference continues with a captivating presentation at 2:30 pm by Sandra Mossios, a Partner at EY and the President of BVIUK, on "What does best practice in business valuation mean according to the International Valuation Standards?" Attendees will gain key insights into global best practices for business valuation and learn how they apply to market, income, and asset-based approaches. Mossios will also provide a brief update on proposed enhancements to the standards in 2024, following the consultation process undertaken this year.

The conference concludes with a stimulating general discussion, questions, and answers session from 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm, allowing attendees to engage with the speakers and delve deeper into the topics covered throughout the day. Afterward, everyone is invited to join in for drinks at a venue in the vibrant Soho district, fostering further networking opportunities and the chance to connect with like-minded professionals.

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to secure your place among the industry's visionaries and gain a competitive edge in the evolving world of business valuation. With limited tickets available, act fast to avoid disappointment. Be part of the future of business valuation and propel your career to new heights. Purchase your ticket now and prepare for an unparalleled learning and networking experience that will shape your professional journey.


Sandra Mossios is a President at BVIUK, and a Partner in EY’s Valuation, Modelling & Economics team in London, where she leads the Contentious Valuations and Damages practice. An expert in business valuation and damages with over 20 years experience globally across all dispute resolution forums including High Court and International Arbitration in disputes ranging from Shareholder, Investor State, Private Equity, Matrimonial, and also provides Expert Determinations and acts in a Shadow Expert capacity, and works across sectors such as TMT, Energy & Resources, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Industrials, Financial Services, Consumer Products and Retail, She also sits on the International Valuation Standards Council Standards Review Board, is the UK Senior Vice President of the American Society of Appraisers, and is the founder and author of leading M&A annual yearbook (now in its 10th year) used by expert business valuers in court and out of court, tax authorities, as well as Top 100 accounting firms.

Andrew Strickland is BVIUK's Advisory Board Member and a Consultant at Scrutton Bland. Andrew specialises in corporate finance and business valuation. Andrew is a member of the Valuation Committee of the ICAEW and its subject matter expert. Andrew has undertaken a large number of business valuation assignments in respect of shareholder disputes and also in respect of divorce. He also works on fiscal valuations for a variety of tax purposes. Andrew is a Chair of Educational Committee at International Institute of Business Valuers (iiBV).

Mike Blake (CFA, ASA, ABAR, BCA) is BVIUK's Advisory Board Member and the Managing Director at Brady Ware Arpeggio, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Mike specialises in the valuation of intellectual property-driven firms, such as software firms, aerospace firms, and professional services firms, most frequently in the capacity as a transaction advisor, helping clients obtain great outcomes from complex transaction opportunities. Additionally, he is a specialist in the appraisal of intellectual properties as stand-alone assets, such as software, trade secrets, and patents.

Graham Antrobus (BFP, FCA, CTA, CBV, AM, AVIA) is BVIUK's Head of Educational Resources and Partners' Assistant at Bruce Sutherland &Co. Graham is an experienced business valuer, with particular interest in valuation of early stage companies and intangible assets. He specialises in providing valuations for businesses in a variety of industries. Graham is a Vice President of the ASA's International Virtual Chapter, he also sits on the IIBV's Educational Committee.

David L. Foster is the Chair of Business Valuation Resources (Portland, OR), the premier provider of market data, professional education and research for the business valuation and related professions. He is also the Chair of Copyright Clearance Center (global). Prior to BVR, Foster was the president of IOMA (New York, NY). He founded IOMA in 1982, and sold it to the Bureau of National Affairs in 1998, staying on as president though 2005. He has served on the boards of nine publishing companies in the past or currently, including publicly traded BNA (Washington DC), Kennedy Information (Peterborough, NH), Business Publishers Inc. (Silver Spring, MD), BNA International (London, UK), North American Publishing (Philadelphia, PA), Pike & Fischer (Silver Spring, MD), and FDA News (Arlington VA). Foster is a past president of the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA), and served on its board from 1989-2001 (and rejoined for a second term in June 2019). He won SIPA’s highest honour, the Hall of Fame award for lifetime achievement, in 2000. He's still active in SIIA/SIPA. David speaks extensively on the changing information market, and particularly the opportunities for publishers to create material revenue streams and growth with new content distribution channels that build direct contact with customers. Foster is also on the board of Copyright Clearance Center (Danvers MA), the world's largest rights management organisation. His prime philanthropic interest has been Bates College (Lewiston ME), where he served on the investment, academic affairs and development committees, and as chair of the honorary-degree committee.

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