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Practice Builder EDGE: It’s time to upgrade your practice operating system!

Today's post is by Rod Burkert. In one way, shape, or form, Rod has been performing business valuations since the late 1980s. In July 2000, he started Burkert Valuation Advisors in Philadelphia where he ran a "traditional” valuation practice for 10 years.

From March 2010 to March 2022, Rod traveled full-time throughout the US and Canada in an RV with his wife and their dogs. When he saw the possibilities of a location-independent BVFLS practice, he started rbCOACHING, which focuses on strategies, tactics, tools, and tech that can build/grow/scale BVFLS firms.

Today, Rod has settled in Bisbee, AZ and focuses solely on his practice building coaching … all created by leveraging his professional network, content marketing, social media, virtual assistants, and available technology.

Are you still running Windows 95?

Of course not.

That's because every few years, we upgrade our computer operating system to make it run faster, better, and take on more complex tasks with ease.

But how many of us even think about doing the same for our practice operating system?

Yes, I'm talking about our 1:1 client service operating system.

The system that is:

- One to one (you can work on Client B at the exact same time you are working on Client A)

- One and done (most of your work is non-recurring)

- All or nothing (you only offer valuation services)

A system that has you focused on client replacement, not practice growth.

A system that requires more talent than currently exits to be sustainable.

For all its drawbacks, this outdated 1:1 client service operating system continues to be powerful, in part, because of the sheer number of practitioners who doggedly follow it.

In his book Future Strong, author Bill Jensen says:

“Even as we enter one of the most disruptive eras in human history, one of the biggest challenges we face is that today’s systems and structures still live on, past their expiration dates."

The next generation of BVers is not going to put up with this.

Because replacing outdated systems of any kind is essential to survival, much less growth.

And it will be easier for next-gen BVers to make the upgrade because they don't carry our legacy baggage.


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