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ESG Evolution: Unveiling The Potential Impacts On Business Value - with Nene Gianfala and Carla Nunes (Webinar Replay)

In this engaging and highly informative session at BVAcademy, BVIUK's Experts, Nene Glenn Gianfala and Carla Nunes, discussed the impact of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors on business valuations and disclosure standards, highlighting the current challenges and future prospects. They also delved into the role of the International Sustainability Standards Board and the International Accounting Center in creating consistent disclosure frameworks, and the new guidance from the International Valuation Standards Committee on incorporating ESG factors into business valuations. Lastly, they presented the results of their academic research into the impact of ESG factors on company performance and investor returns, and the challenges and future prospects of business valuation in relation to ESG.

We hope you enjoy the session. Please download the presentation below to facilitate the learning process.

Download PDF • 7.59MB


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