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BVIUK Presents: The Valuation of Growth Shares by Andrew Strickland

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Dive into the world of business valuation with Andrew Strickland at the Business Valuation Institute UK's (BVIUK) first-ever Conference on the Future of Business Valuation! Watch this insightful lecture where Andrew explores the intricacies of valuing growth shares. Join us on a journey of knowledge and expertise, recorded live on November 10, 2023, in the heart of Westminster, London.

Andrew Strickland of Scrutton Bland, Chartered Accountants, is the Head of the Board at the Business Valuation Institute UK (BVIUK) and its Expert Member. Andrew specialises in corporate finance and business valuation. He is a member of the Valuation Committee of the ICAEW and its subject matter expert, as well as the Chair of the Education Committee at the International Institute of Business Valuers (iiBV).

Andrew has undertaken a large number of business valuation assignments in respect of shareholder disputes and also in respect of divorce. He also works on fiscal valuations for a variety of tax purposes.

To make the most out of the lecture, please download the presentation below, and follow the slides when listening to audio.

The Valuation of Growth Shares - Nov 23
Download PDF • 2.18MB


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