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BVIUK Presents: Data Valuation Techniques and Use Cases by Mike Blake

Explore the cutting edge of Business Valuation with a live recording from the 1st Conference on the Future of Business Valuation hosted by the Business Valuation Institute UK (BVIUK). This event, held on November 10, 2023, in Westminster, London, featured a thought-provoking talk titled "Data Valuation Techniques and Use Cases" by the esteemed BVIUK expert, Mike Blake.

Dive into the realm of data valuation as Mike Blake shares insights, techniques, and practical use cases that are shaping the future of business valuation. Gain a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape and stay ahead in the world of valuation.

Mike Blake (CFA, ASA, ABAR, BCA) is BVIUK's Advisory Board Member and the Managing Director at High Score Strategies. Mike specialises in the valuation of intellectual property-driven firms, such as software firms, aerospace firms, and professional services firms, most frequently in the capacity as a transaction advisor, helping clients obtain great outcomes from complex transaction opportunities. Additionally, he is a specialist in the appraisal of intellectual properties as stand-alone assets, such as software, trade secrets, and patents.

To make the most out of the lecture, please download the presentation below, and follow the slides when listening to audio.

MB-Data Valuation BVIUK v2
Download PDF • 25.82MB


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