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First, Appraiser, Do No Harm. How to Recognise When Valuation Doesn’t Matter?

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Today's post is by Mike Blake (CFA, ASA, ABAR, BCA) of Brady Ware & Company. Mike specialises in the valuation of intellectual property-driven firms, such as software firms, aerospace firms, and professional services firms, most frequently in the capacity as a transaction advisor, helping clients obtain great outcomes from complex transaction opportunities. Additionally, he is a specialist in the appraisal of intellectual properties as stand-alone assets, such as software, trade secrets, and patents.

As practitioners of business appraisal or valuation, we all want to help our clients, and we want to help our clients using our expertise in business appraisal. However, just as important as helping our clients with our expertise, is identifying when business appraisal services won’t help, or could even harm a client.

Think about it

“It may seem counterintuitive to entertain a discussion which questions the value of valuation. However, asking whether a valuation in fact brings value to the client is important to us individual practitioners and to the public trust. Just as a surgeon should not remove a healthy appendix, so should we avoid performing valuation engagements (and charging fees) when they will not realistically produce a positive outcome for those who might rely on the work product.”

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